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Our Start

The city of Georgetown is undergoing unprecedented demographic growth and changes. This increase has also challenged the public and social service sector whose capacity for care has not always kept pace with the growth.

In this situation, the Georgetown Health Foundation (GHF) commissioned a needs assessment of the southeast Georgetown community that “explores the opportunities, challenges, wants, and needs facing low-income residents in Southeast Georgetown.” The Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis (IUPRA) conducted a needs assessment of the southeast Georgetown community that concentrated on the voices of the community. All of this primary data collection was then supported by secondary data analysis of census and other socio-demographic data at the city, census tract, and census block levels.

Findings from the focus groups and surveys suggested critical needs in the areas of public transportation, affordable and quality housing, access to health foods and nutrition programs, language access in schools, bullying and mental health, reframing of power differentials in services, and access to parks and affordable after school activities.  In addition, gaps include disconnection between decision makers in Georgetown and residents of the Southeast community in Georgetown.

In the last section of the report, the project team offers recommendations, both short-term and long-term. Within our study, we found that the low-income communities and communities of color especially appreciated the safety and community of the small town. With the positive good will generated through this project, we hope that GHF and other city leaders will be able to continue to hold in mind the health of their most vulnerable citizens when making policy decisions.

(taken from the Georgetown Health Foundation website)

The SEGCC was established from those recommendations. This organization, working in partnership with local agencies, organizations, and city entities, are working to assure that the assessment findings of needs and concerns are heard and addressed. The SEGCC will promote and encourage that the community find and use its collective voice to better their lives and the lives of their families. 


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